Brahim Rachiki

Actor | Choreographer |

Artistic & Creative Director 


Brahim Rachiki is a multi-talented artist who has always been passionate about dance and cinema. He is an award-winner choreographer, dancer, model, actor and creative director. His work meets high standards in the entertainment industry. He collaborates with famous artists : singers, dancers, choreographers, actors... He loves to spread his talent with deep passion and energy all around the world .


In each of us hides all of us… That’s how we can define acting. It allows to  reach to the inner self, develop empathy and also relate to others . The ultimate goal is to feel like other feel and connect to each other.

Brahim Rachiki - Choreographer


Sometimes the soul speaks through your body … Because we cannot find the proper words, the body does. Without hesitation, our guts find a movement that fit onto the music … Without thinking, from a free form … That’s how I find the movement not with the number of counts only listening to my heartbeat.

Creative Director

Restriction is a productive ground for creation. When you have nothing you start to create and go beyond your imagination, trusting the process. In restriction, genius often arises.