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Brahim Rachiki - Model

Brahim Rachiki is an artist who has always been passionate about expressing himself through many ways. He started by writing  poetry when he was a teenager and then dancing watching the King of Pop : Michael Jackson.

His big dream is  all about acting and becoming someone else.  At the age of 12, he had the opportunity to play in different short films. Some directors encouraged him to follow this path while his parents wanted him to study.

Brahim decides to put his dream aside and starts dancing again. When he dances, he is curious, lively and  passionate, so it naturally  became his major way of expression.  As the streets were his playground, he turned to hip-hop.  
In parallel, he was reading books and watching video documentaries about Bob Fosse, Baryshnikov, to name just a few, to be even more inspired. 
His thirst for learning led him to travel to the USA : his ultimate goal was to meet the Masters of different dance styles.
His hard work finally pays off few years later as Brahim collaborates with international music Pop Stars. 
He choreographed Madonna « Vogue », on « Sticky and Sweet Tour ».
The news spread quickly :  Ed Moore, Janet Jackson’s choreographer asks him to work on the singer’s “Discipline” tour.
In 2009, he joined Travis Payne’s team on Michael Jackson’s « This Is It ». After this incredible experience, and the death of his icon Michael Jackson, he decides to go back to his first love : cinema. 
While studying acting, Brahim appears in different commercials, live events and collaborates with many famous artists. As a creative and artistic director, he works again with Travis Payne and wins an award as best choreographer. 
He played in different American movies, and claims his way up. He also models for David Lachapelle and many other brands …  
Dancer, actor, model, director, Brahim continuously creates new artistic projects and he’s still full of surprises.  
« Because there is not just one way to express myself says Brahim, I’m looking forward to seeing what’s coming next … » 
Stay tuned….

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